Marine Aquarium Council Certified


Direct Importers

We have been in the import/export business of marine fish and corals for over 15 years. During that time we have strived to develop relationships with overseas suppliers that we feel have parallel company visions.

First and foremost this vision is that the health and sustainability of the livestock is of primary importance. This needs to come first before the matter of price comes in to play. While we need the cost of the livestock we purchase and sell to be both fair and reasonable, we realize that to sell a high quality animal our suppliers have to invest heavily in their infrastructure.

Secondly we only deal with suppliers who respect and value the livestock. These suppliers demonstrate that with their dedication to improving the handling of the product and their ability to work with the individual collectors who supply them with fish. Our suppliers respect their collectors and try to help improve both their collection techniques and their lifestyle. The collectors are the actual people that brave the water, the weather and the less than ideal circumstances to allow us to provide you with livestock. These collectors are often paid the least and risk the most.

We do not deal with suppliers who have commoditized livestock. We do not believe in selling quantity over quality. We don't want to be the biggest. We want to be the best.

Whenever possible we work with suppliers who are MAC certified or working toward MAC certification. This means that they meet or exceed the qualifications of an independent certification agency and that they have proved their collections are sustainable.

Since we import directly into both Chicago and Detroit we greatly limit the time of transit for the livestock. This also helps to improve the quality of the product and your profitability.

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