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The Midwest's Premier Saltwater Supplier

At A&M Aquatics our focus is on providing the highest quality livestock to independent stores throughout the Midwest. Second only to the health of our livestock is providing superior customer service to ensure the success of the retailer. We strive daily to offer a fully conditioned and acclimated healthy selection of fish, invertebrates and corals.

Our customers

Our customers report less than 1% DOA's. (dead on arrival). This is due to a combination of many factors, all of which increase your profitability and your bottom line.

Minimize stress and high mortality

With decreased travel time by using our climate controlled delivery vehicles or with FED EX palletized service.

Highest fill rates

We have the highest fill rates in the industry due to our real time inventory program. Normal fill rates with A&M exceed 90% of what you order from our current stock list.

To your door delivery

If your store is located within one of our delivery routes you can have your livestock order delivered right to your door with our climate controlled vehicles. This eliminates all box charges for only a nominal delivery charge. If you're located outside of our delivery area we can still deliver right to your door with palletized or individual boxed FedEx shipments that save you money and time.

Airline ship out

If your store is outside of the Midwest you can still take advantage of A&M Aquatic's superior reputation by having your product shipped to a nearby airport.

If we do not have good flight connections we are sorry but we will decline to serve you so as not to jeopardize the health of the livestock.

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