Marine Aquarium Council Certified


Live online inventory program

Our inventory is available 24 hours a day to you via our website in real time. We have made a large investment in our web development and our inventory software which provides you a very accurate inventory. We also work hard to make sure that our counts and sizing are extremely accurate. And, we won't add the product to our inventory until we deem it ready to sell.

As a customer places an order on our website it reduces the inventory by what is ordered. So if you order 6 of an item and we only have 5 on hand, our inventory system will alert you that there are only 5 available.

Your fill rate with A&M should meet or beat our average fill rate of 93%. Because we are dealing with livestock, it won't be 100%. If we don’t feel something is healthy when we pull it for you, it doesn't get shipped.

You can be assured that once you place your order, your items are being held for you.

And that sure beats the competitor with their X and XX in stock.

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