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Our fish are fully acclimated for a 24-48 hour period allowing for complete recovery from the stresses of shipping. During that time they are exposed to a light antibiotic treatment to minimize any bag abrasions or ammonia burns which were a result of shipping. After full recovery we then freshwater dip the fish to reduce the number of parasites attached. Because parasites hide under scales and in gills, it is impossible to catch them all, this is why it is so important for the retail stores to further dip and treat any fish that need it.

After the fish are freshwater dipped they are carefully screened by one of our senior aquarists before being introduced to our holding systems and offered for sale. Any fish not meeting our stringent requirements at that time are kept in a separate quarantine system until we feel they are acceptable for sale.


From electric flame scallops to electric blue hermit crabs to astrea snails and emerald crabs, we’ve got’em. Look for price breaks on quantities to ensure substantial savings. If you don’t see something you’re looking for be sure to let us know. We get daily shipments of assorted invertebrates.


We have four different coral systems on site. This allows us to separate all incoming coral shipments from the both the aquacultured coral and the coral already offered for sale. Separating these corals from the incoming wild caught ensures less parasites, bacterial problems, or disease transmission. The incoming coral is placed in an extremely high water flow system which quickly restores the coral to its pre-shipment state and minimizes any lingering problems. After recovery it is then sorted and placed into inventory for sale.


We are pleased to offer both aquacultured and maricultured corals from around the world. These corals are all very environmentally-friendly and completely sustainable. Much of the aquacultured coral is grown in-house or at our state-licensed aquaculture facility in Florida. Other corals come from aquaculture facilities within the USA. Our maricultured corals are grown in the country of origin. We believe that this, along with sustainable harvest, provides the collectors of marine organisms with the incentive to protect the reef.

We believe that the market for aquacultured products will continue to grow and we want to support both aquacultured and maricultured ventures. However, we are strong advocates for wild harvest of livestock including both fish and coral. Since our inception in 1987 we have personally witnessed much degradation of many of the world’s reefs. This is primarily due to over development and water pollution issues that have nothing to do with wild harvest of marine organisms. We feel that wild harvest, caught in a sustainable manner, is truly important for the health and well being of the reef.

With limited resources on which to depend for their livelihood the best opportunity to keep the ocean environments pristine is if the people living there respect the environment while creating their own livelihood. The effects of harvesting wild caught organisms for the marine aquarium trade offers the least impact upon a wild reef in comparison to other forms of fisheries such as the food fish industry. To that end we will always continue to support wild caught harvested marine organisms.

Other groups and organizations as well as many businesses want you to believe that wild caught harvest has a negative impact on our oceans. But that only proves they do not understand the economics of the situation for those collectors who live in remote areas who can only make a living from the ocean. Nor do they understand that providing economic incentive to the collectors by allowing wild harvesting is the best way to make them protectors of the environment.

Live Rock

We offer both cured and uncured live rock. Our most popular and primary rock is our Pohnpei rock. It's a select South Pacific live rock that is hand chosen and harvested by our collectors. They specifically choose certain pieces based on their diversity of shape, color and assortment of life.

Pohnpei rock is collected, sorted, carefully pre-screened and hand cleaned before it's placed in a salt spray environment that helps pre-cure it and maintain the multitude of colors of coralline algaes, Your rock will be covered with corallines of pinks, purples, yellows and an assortment of macroalgaes.

Each piece of rock is uniquely shaped and a box varies with average size pieces between 6 and 12 inches. This rock is perfect for building your reef with caves, hiding places, and shelves. Since it is kept hydrated prior to shipping and packed in moist packaging it will arrive to you in superior condition.

Dry Goods

We offer many lines of aquarium products, including those that we use here in our facility such as Tropic Marin. We continuously evaluate new products and offer them as competitively priced as possible. For most product lines we will stock more sku's than most of the major distributors as well as make drop ship's available whenever possible on products we do not stock. Click here to see a complete list of manufacturers.

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